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The Fanta is for the sporty heart and the sophisticated mind. With contrasting colors contours and a robust TPR Sole it brings comfort your feet might not have known while helping you breezily roll around through wide-eyed crowds of people who might want one, looking at your Fanta!


The Doyen’s distinguished design not only makes it the perfect footwear for Friday at school but it also encourages smiles from crowds as you zoom past blazing blue on the playground or in your neighborhood.


With trendy TPR Soles designed to enhance grip, The Chill makes up for the perfect way to roll in and out of malls and your hangouts on a lazy weekend. Casual yet bold is the statement The Chill makes, as you roll past grabbing smiles!


The Trek is made for the young and the restless who have an adventure in their hearts. With a compact comfortable finish, it comes with a PU upper and a stylish mesh lining it is reportedly known to attract envy while you smoothly glide past.


“Firki” literally means a wheel or setting something in motion. Firki is developed with the thought of enabling children and young adults to re-connect with the outdoors while weaving together fitness and fun!  Firki is not just a pair of sneakers but an attitude and a style statement that reinvents the way you move! With different styles and colours to suit different tastes, preferences, ages and genders you will never go wrong in choosing a pair to make a statement while redefining “Going Outside”! Be it your home, society or a trip to the mall, if you have a smooth surface Firki will help you glide through with zeal!


5.00 out of 5

The Jojo makes its presence felt, both on your feet and with its lights flashing in onlookers’ eyes. Jojo makes for the perfect casual footwear to wear to the mall or to stand out as you roll with your friends! Jojo is designed with robustness and flamboyance in mind, adding more personality to the Diva you already are!


The Pluto is designed for the Young Soul full of zest who needs to reinvent the way you “Go Out”. Bold blacks and whites are not the only things making Pluto stand out, because it also brings with it Neighbours Envy and Owners Pride while you trailblaze through your the neighborhood getting that guaranteed second look!


As sporty as it is fast. The Dart helps you glide and glaze on smooth surfaces in style! With its mesh lining and thermoplastic rubber sole, not only does it catch the eye but makes for a comfortable rolling around while making heads turn!



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