I still remember it like it was yesterday that I first got to lay eyes on the Bright Blue sneakers on my Birthday. As my father un-boxed my surprise gift that day, I immediately knew it was sneakers when the gift wrapping came off, but imagine my surprise when I opened the box to handle the shiny new pair of sneakers, and out popped a wheel from under the sole!

Having learned how to skate when I was younger, my excitement at the marriage of sneakers and skates knew no bounds that day! The joy and excitement of celebrating my Birthday in the evening were quickly overshadowed by the excitement of going downstairs to try out my flashy new shoes with wheels!

Once done an unboxing and reading the instructions and safety manual I decided to try to try them on. In a jiffy, I had them on and was smoothly gliding past people in the apartment complex we live in, while heads turned around and my friends turned purple with envy!

The first time I felt the wheels pop out from under the shoe I had a proud look of accomplishment, as I decided that I would no longer be walking to get to places, I will be gliding to them, from that point on!

All my friends came down to the play area to check out how I was zooming and rolling around the apartment complex. With a small gathered around me, my friends were not only fascinated by the stylish design and look but they all had their mouths open when I surprised them by popping out the wheel! It has hardly been a fortnight since I got my Firki shoes, but all my close friends have now ordered their own pair of Ro Ro Firkis!

Playing around with friends has never been this fun! All the games we used to play running around from Hiding and Seek to Catch the Fish have been more fun as we zoom past each other on our Firkis!

These are so much FUN! We don’t have a big home where we live so our space to use them is limited to our society indoor and the drive area, but honestly, it improves the skill level and we’ve had so much fun- we like it a lot.