About us

About Us

Firki was born out of the need to encourage and energize young adults to explore, enjoy  and  re-discover the outdoors instead of limiting themselves to their mobiles, TVs and Tabs. Firki combines cutting edge design and style while innovating and adding energy to the way you move. With styles and variants to match every taste Firki’s eye catching designs combine sporty aesthetics with sturdy retractable wheels to enable you to zoom past and turn heads at the same time.

“Firki” literally means a wheel or setting something in motion. Firki is developed with the thought of enabling children and young adults to re-connect with the outdoors while weaving together fitness and fun!  Firki is not just a pair of sneakers but an attitude and a style statement that reinvents the way you move! With different styles and colours to suit different tastes, preferences, ages and genders you will never go wrong in choosing a pair to make a statement while redefining “Going Outside”! Be it your home, society or a trip to the mall, if you have a smooth surface Firki will help you glide through with zeal!

Why Firki
  • Unique and innovative design to couple trendy sneakers with wheels to glide outside!
  • Retractable wheels allows you to glide  instead of walk!
  • A wide variety of trendy designs to make your own style statement with.
  • A fun way to encourage the young to re-discover the outdoors.

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